want to play but no photos and videos ?? please visit at...

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Club House

090302.jpg 090302.jpg 090301.jpg 090205.jpg 090204.jpg 090202.jpg More..




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Group Sex Floor

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Many excited group sex parties on this floor and the ratio of male and female is 2 to 2.5 to 1.


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SM Floor

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Many male slaves stay here, they like to be beated by ladies. Of coure, ladies are also welcome to be salves here. Don't worry, no blood will be seen. We are only in kinderarden level on SM.
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Gangband Floor

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If you like to fight with many men , you should come this floor, you will stay with many men and have fun. We can even make your own horny DVD if you want. You can put on masks if you are shy.
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Couples Floor

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Couples to couples parties are here, the ratio of male and female is 1 to 1, no more shy.
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Naked Floor

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Good for the ladies and couples who just start group sex, no sex involed here but naked activities such as touching and oil massage. Sorry, not for new guys.
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Viewing Floor

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Want to know us more before join the activities, just become our viewing members here, you will know more.
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Blog Floor

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Sorry...only Chinese Version because of poor Englsih, you can click here if you don't mind.

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feel free to contact us at  info@comexxx.com for any enquiry and your photos for application.

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* Registered Members click here to enter *



Please follow the steps to know how join and don't always ask "how to join?"
To reduce under age people to view our members pages, please register first and then to be viewing members or gathering members. Viewing members are only allowed to browse our hopmepages, gathering members can join our gatherings.
  Viewing Members Gathering Members Sample
Single males Pls apply as a registered members first, just send USD one dollor to joinus@comexxx.com with your PAYPAL account for registration. Don't worry, we will not collect this one dollar. We will give you Login name and Password to you.

No PAYPAL no help, sorry.

please send USD one dollor to joinus@comexxx.com with your PAYPAL account.

If you don't have PAYPAL account, you can submit your naked photos with "COMEXXX" logo ( just like the image )and HKID Copy ( ID number is not necessary, your real name and age are required. )

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Single girls / couples Submit your naked photos with "COMEXXX" logo ( no need to show your faces, just like the image) You can be viewing members and even come to our parties. 
** Please be aware that registered members and viewing members are not granted to access to the gathering members' area.